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Making Property Investment Possible

We have learnt a lot over 20 years helping people believe that they can build a property portfolio regardless of their financial situation. We have developed a strategy that is personalised to every client and with our attention to detail, we ensure we achieve the best financial outcome for our clients.

Our process is simple, straightforward, transparent, and designed for all investment levels. We believe with the right team, plan & action anything is possible. We will start by formulating a strategy based on your individual needs and goals, move onto mapping out a plan & finally hit the ground running, while supporting, educating & preparing you for the ability to accumulate, control and build your property portfolio.

Daniel McQuillan

Director, Principal/Licensee

Daniel McQuillan wears many hats: financial advisor, mortgage broker, and passionate investor. His journey began when he traded Sydney’s hustle for the laid-back charm of Perth in 2000. There, he joined forces with industry experts to co-found the Western Australia Finance Group (WAFG).

But Daniel’s true calling lies in property investment. Armed with a diploma in Real Estate Property Services Agency Management, he’s not just crunching numbers; he’s orchestrating financial symphonies. His deep understanding of financial instruments and property investment economics allows him to guide you toward your goals—safely and responsibly.

Beyond spreadsheets and balance sheets, Daniel’s heart beats for community. He’s not just about profits; he’s about people. His commitment to client well-being and ethical business practices shines through his involvement in charities like Variety WA Trans Car Australian Bush Bash and the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Because for Daniel, strong businesses are rooted in strong communities.

Daniel’s phone is like his trusty sidekick—always by his side, whispering secrets and plotting property domination.

Antonella McQuillan

Director/Operations Manager

Antonella holds a Real Estate & Business Sales Representative licence, is an avid property investor and truly believes in the wealth creation power of property, proven effectiveness of research and data-driven strategic property investments. She is passionate about her role as the Operation Manager and is responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency, and profitability of departmental and organisational operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies.

Antonella’s life is like a high-stakes game of Tetris: she’s simultaneously fitting work, motherhood, friendships, and gym sessions into her schedule. And rumor has it, she even manages to squeeze in time for a spontaneous interpretive dance routine during lunch breaks! 

Ryan Smith

Chartered Accountant

Ryan is an experienced, qualified chartered accountant and our preferred partner from the Bis Tax Team with an extensive history within the accounting, taxation, and property space. Having owned, operated, and exited several businesses within the financial services, hospitality and technology industries, Ryan thrives on forming lasting relationships with an emphasis on trust, communication and understanding.

Specialising in Self Managed Super Fund structuring and compliance, Ryan will navigate you through your obligations as trustees when investing in this space and provide understanding in a complex environment.

Ryan Smith’s office attire is so laid-back that even the calculator on his desk is considering a vacation! 

Lillian Zdun

Office Administration

Lillian has recently completed her Certificate III in Business Administration and is now pursuing further studies in Accounting and Bookkeeping. She brings a wealth of experience from her service roles in retail, which have honed her organizational skills and attention to detail.

Currently serving in Office Administration, Lillian plays a crucial role in the daily coordination of office activities and operations. Her dedication and commitment contribute to the smooth functioning of the team.

When she’s not working, Lillian enjoys playing darts professionally, a sport where precision and focus are key. Her passion for both administrative work and darts exemplifies her versatility and determination.

Lillian’s dart-throwing skills are so precise that even the office printer is scared to jam when she’s around!


Graham Durtanovich

Director Nu Wealth Finance

Graham is a seasoned financial professional with over two decades of experience in corporate finance and financial management. Whether it’s helping a young couple buy their first home or crunching the numbers for a seasoned investor on diversification individually or via SMSF, Graham’s mission is clear: financial freedom for all.

Graham’s journey has been marked by significant achievements and a commitment to excellence. specialising in corporate finance and advisory and capital raisings, roles extended to Non-Executive Directorships for ASX Listed Companies. Prior to this time, Graham was Financial Controller of a residential building company based in Perth for 10 years. The company built up to 600 residential houses per annum.

“Graham navigates the financial seas like a seasoned sailor, with a cup of strong coffee in one hand and a spreadsheet in the other”

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